Suicide Bunny E-juice

Suicide Bunny e-juice products have maintained a high reputation over the years due to its unique flavors. Their products brought the vaping experience to a whole new level, unlike other juices. Suicide Bunny e juices are convenient for both beginners and gurus. Their products were inspired by clients who had a variety of e-juices but couldn’t find one that satisfies their cravings completely. With this in mind, they developed blended flavors that quench the thirst and leave clients craving for more. The company is relentless with their quality products until they achieve greatness. The e-juice products from Suicide Bunny e-juice first have to go through severe inspection before being dispatched to the market.

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A famous e-juice product from Suicide Bunny e-juice is the Derailed e-juice flavor. This product brought suicide Bunny e-juice to the limelight. It is an even blend of cinnamon and banana, with a sweet exhale of the snickerdoodle. It has a fresh taste of baked cookies which is felt every time it is inhaled. Suicide bunny e juice bottles are equipped with a dropper and the caps are child proof.

It has a taste of sweet butter cookie that soothes your taste buds and cuddles your tongue. This flavor has been rated as both innovative and luscious. These taste ingredients are evenly distributed and blended in everysuicide-bunny-sucker-punch-750-p bottle you purchase. Suicide Bunny e-juices have varying nicotine levels in their jars. With this feature, smokers can choose whichever nicotine level they find comfortable. Suicide Bunny e-juice later came up with the Madrina e-juice flavor. This word was borrowed from the Latin culture. This flavor is a relaxing and soothing kind that was created by blending sweet melon with a touch of light cream. The ingredients are perfectly even to ensure that the clients are pleased with the end product. Every Madrina layer is tucked with the fruity melon flavor with a note of exciting cream.

The golden melon flavor is one common brand for the marina flavor. It adds thrill and enthusiasm to the vaping experience. The flavor is so strong that it can be felt in your taste buds even after vaping. The Madrina flavor e-juice has different levels of nicotine. To achieve complete greatness with Madrina e-juice from Suicide Bunny, it is better to go for the bottle with lower levels of nicotine.